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At value my scrap car, we make every effort to provide the quickest and most problem-free scrap car buying service. From the minute you use our online car valuation tool to the moment one of our friendly buyers processes the purchase of your car, our system is developed to make the act of buying you damaged or non runner car quickly, simple, and exceptionally problem-free.

Our customers generally inform us, “I was searching for someone to buy my scrap car quickly and wanted to receive a fair price”. If that sounds like you, then you have come to the ideal place. Our objective is to provide a competitive price for each car we purchase. We ensure that we’ll make an offer on your car despite its, age, mileage, condition. All that we ask is that you accurately describe the condition of your vehicle.

To begin, enter your car’s number plate into the box above followed by a couple of easy pieces of information to get your complimentary, rapid online car valuation.

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How much is my scrap car worth?

When it is time to scrap or sell your car you may find yourself thinking, “What is my scrap car worth?” How much your car is worth will depend on the vehicle’s model, age and condition. You may also be wondering how the prices of scrap cars are decided? Well, the weight of your car is the primary sign; The heavier the car, the more scrap worth it has. When the car has come to the end of its life, it will finally be squashed and the metal it is made from will be recycled and utilised when again, in cars or other items.

There are however other factors that can affect a car’s scrap value, such as specific makes, styles, or engines that are thought of to be worth more. Some collectors will offer a higher price for particular cars, besides the regular scrap metal value per tonne, which is normally when they comprehend that they can make more revenue out of recycling your car. This is where Value My Scrap Car helps you the most, not only do we offer you the highest salvage car prices, once you have accepted the quote for your car, we can collect it from you – scrap car collection is free of charge! Form most locations across the U.K. 

Our transport logistics will contact you by email or phone to arrange an ideal collection time. We’ll do our best to collect at your chosen time, and we collect most cars within 24 Hours. If you’re looking to sell a broken car or offer a car without an MOT then your vehicle may be qualified for salvage prices and bring a higher price

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By using our online site, you save yourself time! We prioritise user experience and customer support, from computing your car worth to making payments into your bank account. Do not just take our word for it, here are some reviews below from customers who were delighted with our scrap car service. To get an instant valuation for your car, simply enter your registration and postcode above. 

Car scrappage reviews

I’ve dealt with this company before they always offer good prices I can’t complain there good at what they do
Amy Sendler
Excellent service. I got the online quote late Monday afternoon, got a callback, and it was gone by 2pm next day with payment on collection.
Mark Kunis
Excellent service
Absolutely brilliant..the pick up was quick, the driver was friendly, the money was transferred the same day and I was very pleased and recommend the service to anyone
Mike Stuart

Faq's and help

Who should I contact when I’ve scrapped my car?

Within four weeks, the DVLA will mail you a letter to inform you that they have scrapped your vehicle and that you are no longer the registered keeper. If you have not received the letter, call DVLA at 0300 790 6802.

What is the average price for scrapping a car in the UK?

The average payment for scrapping a vehicle is between £150 and £500, but there are many factors that will affect the amount you get. Salvageable cars can be worth up to £15,000 +

How do I get the best price for my scrap car? will buy your car for parts or as a part car. It doesn’t matter what condition a car is in, there are likely to be a few parts that can be sold separately.

To scrap a car, do you need a V5 certificate?

To scrap a car legally, you don’t need the V5C certificate. … You can notify the DVLA to inform them that you are selling your vehicle as scrap.

If my car has been scrapped, do I still need to SORN it?

After your vehicle is scrapped, there is no need for you to obtain a SORN. All you need to do is inform the DVLA. This is possible if you have a V5 registration certificate, also known as a logbook.